PreScouter, is a company which aims at bridging the multi-billion dollar gap between academia and industry. We are developing an internal web portal to bring the bussiness of PreScouter online and it is an ongoing project.

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Dinesh Ganesarajah, Managing Director of PreScouter says,
“Invoscape is an excellent Agile development shop. I've been very impressed with the way Invoscape has followed the latest Agile software development methods. Combined with a smart group of developers, the team delivers a reliable and professional service. During my visit, I sensed a great culture of mutual support, combined with a sense of fun. Invoscape seems like a great place to work!”


FxStore is a portal for buying/selling forex (foreign exchange) online. Users can register themselves and use the wizard-style ordering system to buy or sell forex that covers all the complex rules involved in the foreign exchange business in the simplest possible way. FxStore has a comprehensive back-office management system where all the transactions are queued and picked up by personnel having privileges to process the transactions. The application also has inventory and accounting modules to manage stocks and finances for the business.

Case study


AccordWall is an online collaboration tool which aims at simplifying agile product development. This is a product that we built initially to manage our own work and later realized that it will help any Agile team. Teams can collaborate with clients, post questions, discuss things, track bugs and effectively use the virtual story wall to organize work and become more efficient.


Ever tried to find a company's support number and got tired? 1800 Support Numbers is a platform for people to share such support information and their support experience with other people. Users can provide phone numbers, email addresses and even the simplest possible way to reach a live person. The content is always up-to-date since the content is user-generated and user-maintained. Content moderators can verify the user-generated information and mark listings as 'Verified' to make it more authentic. The website is also available in a mobile-friendly version for people on the go.


Sendalike is a web portal to help people convey interest to other people without the fear of getting rejected. People can send and receive 'likes' from other people where mobile number acts as a people-identifier. A person who receives a like will know who showed interest only when the person reciprocates the interest. The application registers the like and checks if there is a match (i.e. whether the other person has also sent a like). If there is a match both the parties are let known right away. Otherwise, the user who sent the like will know when the match happens.


This is a business website showcasing an apartment project's features. The users can view detailed floor plans for individual flats. The entire spec of the complex is made available online for the users to consider. The object of the site is to give a comprehensive idea of the apartment complex (even when under construction) to interested buyers. The site layout and colors used highlight the features of the building in a bright and pleasant manner.


We built the indinero's financial software which gets data from different sources like Credit Card statements, bank statements, imports of csv data and we compute whether the book is balanced and help their clients audit their transactions. It was a complex system to build and we had the expertise to assist them in growing their company from one level to another.

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