Word of Honor

Our promise to our customers

We live by these rules and our honor code. We have come up with these codes to help all our employees align themselves to create the best value for you, our customers. If you would like to know more about our history and why we exist as a company, please reach out to hello@invoscape.com

Honor code

  1. We will do what's always best for our customers
  2. We will never over-charge a client even if it means a loss for us
  3. We will never stop communicating, even after a contract ends
  4. We will help our clients to achieve their business goals before our business goals
  5. We will accept our mistakes readily, vow to never repeat them, and come up with plans to mitigate them in the future

We are thankful for our best set of customers, our loyal and friendly well-wishers. We owe them all to our honor code.

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