Small, passionate teams


The quality and the success of the company is directly proportional to the skill of people who work on the project. Invoscape nurtures a pool of talented individuals who are skilled enough to handle any problem that comes their way. The expertise of our people working across small teams has enabled us to deliver projects with quality and in less time.


The members of each of our team believe in building a good rapport with our clients. Warm and friendly nature of the people has been an added advantage in attracting clients. The clients are involved in every phase of development and are made to feel a part of the team they are working with.


The coherent pattern of the teams at Invoscape is attained by face-to-face interaction between the team members. Each team works in a single open office environment where communication between team members is never a problem. At Invoscape, we don’t believe in masters, each one is the master of their own. Every solution to any complex problem or the evolution of the best architectures, all comes from our self-organized teams.


The greatest strength of our teams is that people with different expertise levels gel together to form cross-functional teams. Knowledge sharing happens on a daily basis which keeps the teams well-informed. This has helped us to rotate members across various teams so that the members are exposed to various technologies and projects.

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