Agile is our Secret Sauce

Agile methodology of software development is a lightweight model based on iterative and incremental development. Agile promotes teamwork and process adaptability throughout the life cycle of the project. The essence of Agile is breaking down tasks into small increments with minimal planning.

Frequent releases

Our teams work in short time frames called iterations within which they go through the entire software development cycle including requirements gathering, planning, design, coding and testing. At Invoscape, these iterations last typically for a week. Shorter iterations help in increasing the feedback frequency. Feedback is a very vital tool in streamlining the team’s focus and setting tangible targets. Clients will be able to view faster prototypes of their product due to this incremental development.

Incremental development

Incremental development is one of the main facets of Agile methodology. Teams at Invoscape, follow incremental development so that they will be able to deliver functionality of the software in small increments. Our clients find it easy to prioritize the work that needs to be done in each increment which gives them full control over the development of their software. At the end of every increment, stakeholders and the customer representative review progress and re-evaluate priorities with a view to optimizing the return on investment (ROI) and ensuring that the software is in alignment with customer needs and company goals.

Test first, code next

Test first, code next approach helps in writing the best code which covers all scenarios. This ensures that quality software that meets the clients’ requirements is delivered at the end of every release.

Continuous integration

It is always good practice to frequently integrate all the modules of a project to the code base. This can be achieved by continuous integration, where members of a team integrate their work during every commit. Each integration passes through an automatic build where tests are run. You can detect and correct these integration errors early in development by doing this several times in a day.

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