Startup Engineering

Startups are unique in that their entire survival and success depends on creating the most value at the very early stages of development. We help startups to navigate these crucial stages.

Startup engineering is different. It requires vision and speed. Sometimes it takes years of expertise to help with coming up with a game plan for startups. We help to do that.

Startups have to be nimble and fast
Our engineering helps startups to be very nimble. Forget contracts, we work for your vision and goals.

Strong engineering foundation

Startups that have strong engineering foundation have more success rates. Infact, startups with technology co-founders have more resilience and are found to succeed when compared. That said, startups cannot have the engineering power-house that big enterprises hold. We help to build products for startups that are engineering heavy and we bring our expertise in quickly building out MVPs and getting them to market.

Measure and Pivot

While startups can pivot, but pivot cannot be the only solution to all problems. That is why we bring our measure and iterate process to startups, wherein we help them to measure important metrics and learn from them.

Success rate while working with startups
We use our own measure-iterate-pivot process to learn and keep our success rates high
Increased pace of delivery for startups
We enable our consultants and developers to quickly build out MVPs
12 releases
Average releases done per week for startups
We are very agile and we enable our developers to release software as quickly as possible
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