Refactoring helps many teams to increase their velocity and get back on track. Most of the teams accrue tech debt and it becomes necessary to refactor the code often to get the lost efficiency. We help you to do the heavy lifting and encourage your team to follow best practices.

Big companies, like yours, always face a problem when it comes to maintaining their codebases. The code gets larger and larger while the velocity gets smaller and smaller. With our years of experience in consulting larger organizations, we have realized that sooner the code is properly maintained, the easier it becomes to deliver in the long run.

Most engineering managers do not focus on keeping their code-base easy to change. This becomes a developer friction and the developers start to slowly reduce their velocities. Frequent and efficient refactoring provides ways with regular sprints and development to keep this under control. We have seen many large companies get unusually big benefits in keeping their code clean and maintainable.

Refactoring is ignored in many large companies
Many companies ignore the importance of refactoring their code. They may not understand the impacts on the short-term, but there is a big price to pay in the long-term
Slowness in development is attributed to the wrong reasons
Reducing velocity of the teams are always a concern to the bigger companies. But the reasons can never be easily understood in big teams


Efficiency of any refactoring exercise has to be identified with increases in velocity. Any other vanity metrics won't help a team to improve.


Since refactoring is mostly a technical exercise, there's no direct value addition to the customers. But instead of not understanding the value of keeping the code clean, most managers keep postponing this crucial decision. We work with managers of large companies to understand their priorities and suggest the right plans for the teams to seamlessly work on their code.

Increase in velocity for a US based enterprise for their distributed team
We analysed their code-base and suggested ways to improve them
Increase in code coverage for a SME
By identifying areas in the code which are not covered with tests, we helped them to increase their code coverage
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