Web Development

Our core specialty

We can build incredible web applications to make your idea a reality. As a team of Ruby, Rails, and Javascript experts, we can blend several techniques and technologies to give flesh to your imagination. Our team possesses the know-how of how a web application should be for it to fare well in the wild web.

Business Website: We also design and develop simple websites using the light-weight Sinatra framework for businesses that want to have a proper presence on the web. Mobile UI: We have expertise in optimizing web applications and sites for a wide range of mobile devices that are increasingly eating into the internet-access volume of desktop and laptop computers.

UI Design

We design great UI for great software

We can offer amazing user experience to your customers by designing great UI for your software. UI design significantly contributes to the overall user-satisfaction of a software application. We are keen in engineering user experiences over simply creating user interfaces. Our designs are simple, usable, intuitive and that which fosters user-laziness. We are part of community initiatives that muse over and explore ways of creating next-generation rich user interfaces (RUI).

Agile Consulting

We share our Agile experience
We believe that Agile is the easiest and the most pleasant way for developing software. From bringing in accountability to the team to better defining a project's roadmap, Agile makes the whole process highly manageable. We understand that every team is unique in it's own way in attitude and approach. After identifying your uniqueness, we will help you embrace Agile in a easy and fun way. We prefer training while working hands-on in a real projects.
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