Embracing Change

In the realm of software development anything and everything is subject to change. Right from your initial idea of the software to the very market you target through the software keep changing. Ideas are always in the course of continuous evolution; so is software. There is new software developed every moment catering to the updated needs of the market. The market never waits. Early adoption of technology is what defines the future of any business house. Not all changes can be predicted or be prophesized. It is all about understanding the change and taking advantage of the situation at hand.

Why embrace changes at all?

What if we ignore the change? Your product is sure to be left behind and the market will move on. There are numerous instances in the history of software development, where even a very quality product fails because of being outdated. Let us consider an example to better understand the scenario. Assume you are in the process of creating a portal where users shop online. The portal is now ready with a way for the user to select his/her desired item, register and check out. The government now revises its taxation policies and the service tax you levy on the user is now wrong. Or, many of your users might require express checkouts without registering. Here, both your product's shape and the market have changed. By ignoring them, the software becomes obsolete.

How do we do it?

We understand that changes are very dear to making your product a success. Incorporating changes becomes a breeze in the 'Agile and Rails' way. This proposes 'incremental development' as the best solution. Through incremental development we take measured small steps and not huge leaps. By breaking down huge processes to smaller and more manageable chunks we have better control in modifying each. Rails makes even huge changes to the design easier through migrations. Our test driven development approach makes sure that any change does not break the working software. When you come up with a requirement for a change, first we analyze it thoroughly and implement it in only the best way, thereby reducing the probable overheads.

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