Logistics & Transportation

Logistics is an important industry where even the smallest of innovation can change the outcome very rapidly. Invoscape takes pride in developing custom solutions, products and reports which helpe the companies to gain an advantage in the marketplace.

We have specific service offerings that we provide for the logistics industry. Explore the below services so that you can know what would apply to your company. If in doubt, please reach out to us.


Consulting & Strategy

Our decades of experience, helps us to understand processes much better and help us bring about a change in your existing systems.

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Cloud Services

Big enterprises are already on cloud and they are reaping the benefits of the technology. Let us help you transform your current architecture into cloud. We also offer maintenance and support for your existing cloud infra.

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Design Thinking

Design thinking non linearly reduces complex problems into smaller iterative steps. We provide our best consultants to come up with workshops for understanding existing problems and coming up with solutions for our customers.

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These are our curated white papers for the logistics industry. Please take a look and read to learn more about our research in this domain.

White paper

Microservices architecture helps to increase team velocity

Our research has found that microservices are helping companies to increase their velocity. But it comes with a catch. Download this white paper to learn more.

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White paper

Organizational trends of SRE teams becoming a necessity

Let us talk about why SRE teams are becoming a necessity and why building a rockstar SRE team is tougher than it looks.

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Read our previous results using case studies

Case study

Reducing carbon foot print using MyCabs at ArullCabs

Read about how about SaaS product helps to decrease carbon footprint by using an innovative approach to solving logistics issues.

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Read about how we helped some of our customers achieve their business goals.


Arull Cabs

Arull Cabs came to us to improve upon their legacy systems and reduce paper work. We helped them to move into cloud and thus manage their fleets from anywhere. We also reduced their paper work by 80% by introducing an online booking management system.

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