Reducing carbon foot print using MyCabs at ArullCabs

Read about how about SaaS product helps to decrease carbon footprint by using an innovative approach to solving logistics issues.

Arull Cabs had been running their business old school with papers and manual work. It had a lot of effect like creating paper wastage for every trip their fleet takes.

We were roped into change the culture at their business and bring everything online and without paper. The challenge was that business was complicated. The rules and workflow are very custom made for their existing clients and it changes significantly for each one. So in order to smoothly bring about a change we had to develop a complicated system.

We developed a multi tenant system that solved the problem for their independent clients which helped them to have different workflows for every one. Also we brough the paper usage to a bare minimum (about 90% reduction) for bookings. Drivers can now use a mobile app instead of depending on papertrails to solve their booking information.

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