Startup Applications

Startups are different from enterprises and so the solutions recommended for enterprises may not work for startups. We provide the right solutions to the startups.

Startups are a unique breed of organizations that require special guidance. Certain sets of solutions that would work for enterprises may not work for a startup. Startups have different requirements and the expectations are different from the management and also their employees. Startups inherently look forward to being agile and nimble while enterprises look forward to change management and auditability. Learn about how we can help startups come up with the right set of tools and solutions for their needs.

Agility for Startup Applications
Startups have unique needs and the needs could be changing as frequently as months when the startup scales up quickly.

Need focussed

We frequently look at not what the startups want, but what the startups need. With our experience in working with many startups, we have come to understand that needs and wants are very different from enterprises. So we focus on the needs and deliver what exactly you want, ignoring any fluffs.

Collaborative change management

We don't rely only on our experience. We bring in a team of stakeholders from both sides to listen, learn, and discuss the proposed solutions so that the decision becomes the best at any point in time.

Measuring change

Change often comes with an unmeasurable ROI. We keep track of the key metrics before the implementation and track how it changes over the period of engagement.

  • Support desk management using ZenDesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot
  • Customer community engagement using Discourse
Per month savings per employee for an IOT firm in US
By migrating some of their toolsets from specific vendors to better ones
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