Ruby on Rails is our another Secret Sauce

Our search in finding a development platform which would suit the Agile methodology of software development ended as soon as we came across Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails inherently supports the Agile methodology and makes web application development a lot easier. Rails, being an open source web framework is a big advantage. It has a very active community to support the concerns and queries of the developers. This framework has been optimized in such a way that it provides developer happiness as well as sustainable productivity. It facilitates you to write beautiful and maintainable code through its various principles.

How does Rails assist Agile?

Ruby on Rails has a lot of practices which encourages the developers to follow Agile. Test driven development can be termed as one of the main practices which is common to both Agile and Rails. Rails encourages the test first, code next approach which makes the developers more productive. It has built in support (migrations) for accepting changes during the course of development. Rails ensures developer happiness and increases their productivity which makes the clients satisfied.

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