How do we charge you?

We offer a wide variety of services and products. Read about our pricing models and you can choose the one that suits the best.

We keep our pricing models really simple for our customers to take advantage of. Also our honor code applies when we charge our customers.

At Invoscape, we do not charge for non-profit organizations or open source projects. We would love to make a difference in this world.

Any software will undergo a lot of changes during development because the initial idea keeps on evolving with time. Hourly billing model will best suit you if you are looking for a flexible and agile project execution. This model will charge you a rate per hour per developer. You will have a better control over your finances and your software if you choose this model.

This model allows you to pay a fixed price for the entire project. This model is well suited for projects with clear and well-defined requirements. The project would move ahead with the price that has been fixed and any changes during development will cost you extra based on the volume of work required to incorporate the changes.

For customers who need a solid team always, retainer model will work best. You can hire a team and keep them on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

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