This calculator gives you a rough idea about how much effort and time may be required to transform your idea into a real web application. But be informed that the calculation is based on a best-possible algorithm and actual estimation may vary while taking into consideration your exact idea.
What kind of application do you want to build?
If your idea resembles something that is already in the web, select the appropriate application type from the list. This list, by no means is exhaustive - it's just to make it easy for you to convey your interest.
Roughly, how big is your application?
This is for us to get an idea about how big you want the application to be built.
How complicated is your application in terms of business rules?
Tell us how much rules and conditions are involved in your application.
How sophisticated should the user interface be?
Tell us how beautiful, graceful and responsive the user interface should be.
How many kinds of users will be using the application?
Different users such as Customers, Vendors, Moderators and Administrators may be using your application. Tell us how many.
How many visitors do you expect per month?
This count will grow with time. However, tell us how many visitors do you expect initially.
How many developers do you want to hire?
More the number of developers, faster the delivery will be. You can balance how fast you want the application delivered with your budget.

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